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jail bait:

Or: J.B. / jailbait , a sexually-appealing boy or girl under the legal age-of-consent , intercourse with whom constitutes statutory-rape and can land one in jail.
SYNONYMS: forbidden-fruit ; jailhouse-pussy ; pen-bait . Peggy LaRue Satterlee, who charged Errol Flynn with rape in 1942, testified that Flynn had called her J.B. (jailbait) and S.Q.Q. during their encounter. The jury believed Flynn's denial and acquitted him.

2. An underaged prostitute .

3. Gaylese, a tempting young man or under-aged boy used by: a) the police to entrap gay men into performing a sex-act in public; b) gay-bashers to force gay men to reveal themselves so they can beat them up ; c) blackmailers to lure gay , bisexual or married men into performing compromising sex-acts.
SYNONYMS: bait ; decoy(er) ; come-on; fairy-hawk ; jailhouse-pussy .

See Also: 175, bait, bed bait, boneyard visit, come-on boy, decoy(er), fairy hawk, forbidden fruit, jailhouse pussy, pen bait, springer

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