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Of a male, engaging in the act of masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: amokoscisia, AMW, anthropophagy, ass-kisser, ass-licker, bad, bad girl, ball-breaker, ball-buster, ball-busting, balling the jack, ballroom, bed down, blackjack, brown all 'round, brown-nose, brown-noser, bubbly jock, bury the wick, child molester, circle jerk, cock sucker, cocksucker, communicable disease, dealing, dip the wick, double jacking, dual masturbation, duff, earth moved, the, enema, F-word, facha, fatcha, fire the question, flapjacks, frigging, fun-zone, gagger, geography, get Jack in the orchard, get some pussy, gill, give someone a melvin, group masturbation, have some pussy, head, iceberg, icebox, icicle, in love, Irish whist, J.O., jack, Jack and Dandy, Jack and Danny, Jack and Jill, Jack in the box, jack off party, jack-off session, Jackie, jacksie, jill, jill off, johnson, joy juice, kiss ass, M and M, masturbation-male, masturbatory orgy, melvin, mooky, Mr. Torpedo, mutual masturbation, off, pack some mud, packing mud, park the pink cadillac, pencil, penis, phobia, pink bus, pink cadilac, pink oboe, pink torpedo, playing chopsticks, pole vaulting, pop the question, pox, proctophallism, promiscuous, rhubard, sewing circle, shtup, spank, spurt, spurt out, stiffy, Swedish, Swedish culture, swordfighting, titillation, water sports, wet, wet and willing, wet as an otters pocket, as, wet one's wick, wet-on, whole, whorehouse, wick

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