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Or: cock-sucker / cock-sucker :

1. A fellator or fellatrice . See fellator for synonyms.

2. A fellator's mouth .

3. Derogatory and offensive appellation for a male homosexual .

4. Rude insult for a despicale person.

Quote: Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) to Jane Spofford (Susan Sarandon) in The Witches of Eastwick (1987): ' Men are such cocksuckers, aren't they? '

See Also: bed breath, cock sucker, cock suckstress, cocksman, cocksucker, cocksucker's teeth, cometosis, coxsman, cum breath, dick-sucker, dollar-an-inch man, halitosis

Quotes Containing cocksucker:
Vince Boudreaux (Woody Harrelson) in Play It To The Bone (1999): ''If a man builds a thousand bridges and sucks one dick , they don''t call him a bridge-builder; they call him a cocksucker .''

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