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1. In everyday usage, a mixed alcoholic drink usually taken before a meal.

2. In watersports, a drink or the drinking of body fuids such as blood, semen , urine, and/or enema contents from a glass or chalice. CAUTION: This activity is not considered safe-sex as body fluids may carry bacteria and viruses.

3. A male prostitute .

See Also: cock-tail

Quotes Containing cocktail:
Kate Libby (Angelina Jolie) quoting her mother in Hackers (1995): ''God gave men brains larger than dogs so they wouldn''t hump women''s legs at cocktail parties. Ruth Libby.''
Abigail Parker (Dorothy Malone) to Rick Todd (Dean Martin) in Artists and Models (1955): ''I like being kissed, I love it . Under the mistletoe, in the dark , early in the morning, lunchtime, tea time, cocktail time, any time... but I don''t want to be kissed by you.''

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