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jailhouse pussy:

1. Sexually tempting girl below the age-of-consent , intercourse with whom constitutes statutory-rape and can land one in jail.
SYNONYMS: forbiden fruit ; jail-bait ; pen-bait .

2. Gay slang for an underage boy used by the police to entrap gay men into performing a sex-act in public.
SYNONYMS: bait ; come-on boy ; decoy(er) ; fairy-hawk ; jail-bait .

See Also: bait, cat house detail, chase tail, come-on boy, dark fetish(ism), decoy(er), DPP, fairy hawk, feed the pussy, forbidden fruit, jail bait, kitten's ear, O.P.P., P.T.A., pen bait, PTA, pussy, pussy patrol, tom patrol, ussypay, whipped

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