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Short for pussy-whipped , said of a man dominated by a woman or by his wife .
See Also: article, autoflagellation, bastinado, bdsm, bondage and discipline, bonds of humiliation, bullwhip, cane, caning, Caspar Milquetoast, cat-o-nine-tails, cockwhip, corporal punishment, crop, cunt torture, cunt-struck, devil, dippoldism, dream whip, extreme cunt torture, female genitorture, fladge, flogger, flogging, Marquis de Sade, mastilagnia, masturbation-male, meat whistle, milquetoast(y), pimp stick, riding crop, self-flagellation, warm bottom, wet dream, wheel it out, whip, whip it out, whip off, whipped, whipped cream, whipping, whistle, whoopee, zip it out

Quotes Containing whipped:
In Blume in Love (1973: ''She took your whoopee and whipped you with it .''

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