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Or: fruitcake :

1. Derogatory appellation for a male homosexual . Mixed fruits and vegetables , a gathering of gays males and females or gay people collectively.

2. An eccentric or insane person.

See Also: apples, ball dancing, bell dancing, bruise the fruit, cantaloupes, Carmen Miranda, closet case, closet gay, closet queen, closet queer, Convent Garden, cornucopia, Covent Garden, dry queen, fig, fruit, fruitcake, fruitful vine, grapes, guavas, hidden queen, jailhouse pussy, jubbies, jubblies, jubes, jublies, look bar, love juice, man juice, mangoes, mixed fruits and vegetables, papayas, peaches, pears, pen bait, pod juice, prick-juice, quandong, spermatic juice, tail juice, tomatoes, touch-me-not garden, vegetable, watchtower, wax fruit, wax museum

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