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Or: tickle-toby , in Britain:

1. A penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. A sexually accessible or promiscuous woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

3. A prostitute . See prostitute for synonyms.

See Also: abnormal forms, cat-o-nine-tails, caudal, caudate, chase pussy, coccyx, daily, daily mail, fancy, flogger, knismolagnia, male tale, play pickle-me-tickle-me, ring-tail, slap 'n tickle, slap and tickle, split-mutton, tail, tail end, tail high, tail over the dashboard, tickle the minikin, tickle-toby, tickler, tinkle, tit-whip, titillagnia, TT, valley of decision (or indecision), work one's ass off

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