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Short for daily-mail , British rhyming slang for tail / piece-of-tail , an act of sexual-intercourse . This expression is based on The Daily Mail , a newspaper. Got your Daily ? See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: 21:7 oral contraceptive program, 21:7 pill program, Back Drop (Club), daily, daily mail, dockers ABC, freelance(r), give the old man his supper, grind house

Quotes Containing daily:
Kate (Bonnie Hunt) and Faith (Marisa Tomei) in Only You (1994): - Kate: ''I saw a psychiatrist on Donahue say that love songs are just a cruel hoax that feed people''s fantasies. Romance on a daily basis? Nobody has that.'' - Faith: ''But, Kate, somebody wrote those songs. They come-out of somebody''s experience.'' - Kate: ''No, I think the come-out of somebody''s imagination .''

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