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daisy chain:

Or: daisy :

1. Originally, group-sex involving male homosexuals engaged in mutual fellatio and/or anal-sex .

2. Or: bum-chain / chain-gang / chain-fuck . three or more men linked in anal-copulation (anus-to-penis).
Synonyms: link-sausage ; floral-arrangement .

Quote: From Encyclopedia of Graffiti Robert Reisner & Lorraine Wechsler (1974): 'Daisies of the world unite ; you have nothing to lose but your chains .'

3. Usage has spread and now refers to any group of people, gay or straight , engaged in same or varied acts of sex .

See Also: 3-Cs, bum chain, chain, chain fuck, chain gang, chain sex, daisy, daisy chain, daisy-chainer, floral arrangement, fugitive from a chain gang, link-sausage, lucky Pierre, spintra, vincilagnia

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