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1. The penis . A metaphor of the weapon type. See penis for synonyms. To throw-one's-dagger , means to copulate ; the expression, now archaic, was once used by American college students.

2. Or: bull dagger , a butch (masculine) lesbian .

See Also: bodkin, boon dagger, boonch, bootch, bull, bull bitch, bull-dagger, bull-dike, bull-diker, bull-dogger, butch, butch dagger, butch lesbian, butz, camper, dagger, diesel dyke, dike, dinky dyke, dirk, dyke, dyke-o-saurus, meat axe, meat cleaver, mutton, mutton gun, mutton musket, sergeant, top-sergeant

Quotes Containing dagger:
Cardinal Richelieu (Tim Curry) and Milady de Winter (Rebecca De Mornay) who is twisting a dagger into his groin in The Three Musketeers(1993): - Cardinal Richelieu: ''Milady, a snap of my fingers and you could be back on-the-block where I found you.'' - Milady de Winter: ''And with a flick of my wrist I could change your religion.''

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