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1. To induce laughter by lightly teasing an area of the skin to excite the surface nerves.

2. In sadomasochism, to tease the skin of a submissive to the point of pain.

3. Tickle one's cock , to masturbate . See masturbation-male for synonyms.

4. In England, to tickle-your-fancy , to copulate . See copulation for synonyms.

See Also: bondage and torture, buffle, fancy, French tickler, knismolagnia, masturbation-female, play at pickle-me-tickle-me, play pickle-me-tickle-me, slap 'n tickle, slap and tickle, tickle, tickle faggot, tickle the minikin, tickle your fancy, tickle-gizzard, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tickler, tickling, tinkle, titillagnia, TT, twenty-twenty, valley of decision (or indecision)

Quotes Containing tickle:
March the Miller''s (Herbert Mundin) son walking with Bess (Una O''Connor) in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938): - Bess: ''I''ll bet you say that to all the girls who tickle-your-fancy .'' - March: ''I''ve never tickled a woman''s fancy before.''

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