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sporting goods:

Or: sport-goods , a male prostitute ; a street husler.

Synonyms: ass pro ; bird taker; batter ; batts; buff-boy ; bunny ; business-boy ; call-boy ; cocktail ; coin-collector; commercial-queer ; crack-salesman ; dick-peddler ; fag boy ; fanny-boy; foot-soldier ; gay dirt ; gigolo ; he-whore ; jack' ass ; Hollywood-hustler ; husband-for-a-weekend ; iron-hoof ; joy-boy ; mayate; merchandise; models; outdoorsman; party-boy ; prick-peddler ; professional queer ; puto ; rent; renter ; renter boy ; Rita; steer meat ; street-mechanic ; swishblader; trabajado-trader ; trader-dick ; venereal boy .

See Also: abdominal protector, aesthetically advantaged, bad, bad girl, beat one's time, beauhunk, biker, bona, boner nochy, buzz kill, cause of causes, chapstick lesbian, codger, coxsman, doesn't know his ass from a hole in the groud, doesn't know shit from shinola, erotic peeing, first game ever played, fly, GIB, good sort, he-whore, Hollywood hustler, husband for a weekend, hustler, Jack ass, jive and juke, joy boy, just good friends, mackadocious, no Casanova, no Lothario, on the razzle, packing heat, party boy, pee-games, peegames, play the first game ever played, pretty-boy, prick peddler, Professional queer, puto, rent boy, renter, rickety-raw, roll-dog, speciman, sport of the masses, sport of Venus, stepping out, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, touch the bun for luck, trabajado trader, trader dick, undamaged goods, up for it, W/S, well-knobbed, WS, WS/GS

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