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1. A prostitute of either gender but, more often, the term refers to a male prostitute who caters to homosexual men, particularly a street prostitute or street-hustler . The term is more common in the US than in the UK.
Synonyms for male prostitute : ass pro ; bird taker; batter ; batts; buff-boy ; bunny ; business-boy ; call-boy ; cocktail ; coin-collector; commercial-queer ; crack-salesman ; dick-peddler ; fag boy ; fanny-boy; foot-soldier ; gay dirt ; gigolo ; he-whore ; jack' ass ; Hollywood-hustler ; husband-for-a-weekend ; iron-hoof ; joy-boy ; mayate; merchandise; model; outdoorsman; party-boy ; prick-peddler ; professional queer ; puto ; rent; renter ; renter boy ; Rita; sport-goods ; sporting-goods ; steer meat ; street-mechanic ; swishblader; trabajado-trader ; trader-dick ; venereal boy . See prostitute for synonyms.

Quote: ' Wipe out male prostitution ; adopt a hustler today. Get murdered tonight .' Quoted in Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing by Robert Reisner.

2. A pimp . See pimp for synonyms.

3. A sexually successful male.

4. A thief or dealer in stolen goods; a confidence man .

5. An ambitious go-getter; a person who works with energy and persistence (especially in marketing).

See Also: baggage-boy, brown dollars, charity girl, chokeressa, Danny Debonaire, dollar-an-inch man, Fagin, gas queen, gay for pay, hump your fist, husband for a weekend, hustler, panties, road kid, tuna

Quotes Containing hustler:
Sam Baker (Molly Ringwald) gave her panties to junior hustler Ted (Anthony Michael Hall) in Sixteen Candles (1984) who charges a dollar to freshmen to see them: ''I can''t believe I gave my panties to a geek.''

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