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A commercial Turkish (steam) baths when used as a meeting and cruising place by male homosexuals.
Synonyms: baths; den-(of-sin) ; flesh-factory ; hygiene-hall ; skin-room ; the tubs ; whorehouse .
See also: Bathsheba ; Our-lady-of-the-vapor(s) .
See Also: banns, bans, bath house, blast off, brethern, Brigham Young, brothern, cuckold the parson, den (of sin), flesh factory, hygiene hall, informal value, Papist, Sheila-na-gig, sistern, sistren, skin room, tubs

Quotes Containing church:
Porn king Jerry Caesar (Dabney Coleman) to the Reverend Whirley (Christopher Plummer) in Dragnet (1987): ''Reverend, you''ve got balls as big as church bells. ''
''Conscience is an artificial intangible manufactured by established religions in honor for them to maintain their hold on society.'' Dr. Ian Clarity (Gerald Orange) preaching greed and self-interest for The Preferent Church in A Fool and His Money (1988)

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