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1. Actively seeking sexual partners, generally in public places. Synonym: trolling .

2. In prostitution , to solicit patronage.

See Also: asshole buddies, bath house, baths, the, beach bitch, beach whale, beaver hunt, beaver patrol, beaver posse, big game hunting, bird circuit, boulevardier, bowl of wax fruit, bush bunny, bush patrol, buttfuck buddy, church, circle the circus, circus, clean queen, clubhouse, cornhole palace, cottage, cottager, cruise, cruisy, curb crawl, curb crawler, curb crawling, Dilly, dilly boy, do the milk run, express queen, flesh factory, full-bosomed, gas queen, go fishing, going on the prowl, Hershey highway, hump your fist, jeeping, lollipop stop, lonelyhearts' club, look bar, luncheonette, make, make a milk run, make the milk run, marble palace, on the bash, on the make, on the prod, on the prowl, picker-upper, playing canasta, poon hunting, privy queen, quail hunting, sea-fairy, shell queen, shop (around), sunflower, T-room, T-room queen, tailgator, take a legal piss, tansie, tea room, tea room queen, teahouse, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom, tearoom queen, three B's, timesqueer, toilet queen, touch-me-not garden, trannying, trick day, trick night, troll, trolling, trolling ground, trolling the toilet, valley of tears, warheads, watchtower, wax museum

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