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Gay usage, in Britain and some English-speaking countries, for a public lavatory where male homosexuals loiter and cruise for sex partners or have casual, anonymous-sex .
Synonyms: clubhouse ; cornhole-palace ; greenhouse ; lonelyhearts'-club ; luncheonette ; marble-palace ; penile-colony ; T-room ; teahouse (of the August moon); tea-room ; throne-room ; trading-post .
See Also: bell cheese, clubhouse, cock cheese, cockhead cheese, cornhole palace, cottage cheese, cottaging, dick butter, dick dolcenatte, dick-dairy, fumenda cheese, greenhouse, KY cow house, lonelyhearts' club, luncheonette, marble palace, penile colony, smegma, smentana, T-room, tea room, teahouse, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom, trading post, Vaseline Villa

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