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trading post:

Gay term for a mensroom, especially one frequented by gay men seeking sex partners or casual-sex .

SYNONYMS: clubhouse ; cornhole-palace ; cottage ; greenhouse ; lonelyhearts'-club ; luncheonette ; marble-palace ; penile-colony ; T-room ; teahouse (of the August moon); tea-room ; throne-room .

See Also: A-200, Acyvir, ante coitum, big tender, bubby trader, car-hop, chicklet, Chinese Love Beads, closed door, closed swinging, Clovix, clubhouse, cornhole palace, cottage, dame de voyage, do the milk run, greenhouse, hawk, hawk the fork, hawk the mutton, ho stroll, hooker's beat, Kwell, Lice-Enz, lonelyhearts' club, luncheonette, marble palace, Nix, Oriental Love Beads, penile colony, post-op TS, post-operative transsexual, recast male, Siamese Strings, strawberry, String of Pearls, stringer, stroll, stunt cock, T-room, talk game, tea room, teahouse, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom, trolling the toilet, Veronica's veil, window-tapping, work

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