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1. The penis or glans-penis , based on its resemblance to a bishop's-miter . See penis for synonyms.

Quote: ' Say goodbye to the bishop .' An Italian mafioso threatening to cut off Devlin 's penis in the movie of the same name (1991).

2. Obsolescent term for a large condom . See condom for synonyms.

See Also: as the actress said to the bishop, bash the bishop, bishop, bishop's miter, Cock Lane, flog the bishop, gynaeon pornikon erotomanes, riding St. George, sexual ego, Winchester Geese

Quotes Containing bishop:
''The world is changing, but two things remain constant. (...) Youth, and beauty . You know they''re really one and the same thing .'' Dudley (Cary Grant), an angel , to Julia Brougham (Loretta Young) in The Bishop''s Wife (1947)
''The whole story of my life : frustration. It''s a chronic disease and it''s incurable.'' Old professor Wutheridge (Monty Woolley) to Dudley (Cary Grant) and Julia (Loretta Young) in The Bishop''s Wife (1947):
Candace Robb. The Kings Bishop: 'That fair face is a mask... His eyes are mirrors, not windows .'
Elaine (Kelly Bishop) and Sue (Pat Quinn) in An Unmarried Woman (1978): - Elaine: ''There''s no such thing as total honesty, not with men. They''re all wrapped up in sexual-ego .'' - Sue: ''What the hell is sexual-ego , Elaine?'' - Elaine: ''Never getting enough, always on-the-make , constantly worrying about performing.'' - Sue: ''That''s ridiculous! I know lots of men who are interested in other things besides sex .'' - Elaine: ''Name one.'' - Sue: ''My husband .''

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