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glans penis:

Or: glans / penis-glans , the head of the penile shaft . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: acorn, acorn-picker, almond rock candy, ampailang, ampallang, apadrayva, balanitis, balano-, balanotage, bald-headed candidate, bald-headed hermit, bald-headed mouse, bald-headed rat, banjo string, bash the bishop, bee stings, bell, bell polishing, bell-end (of the penis), bell-knobbed, bell-swagged, bishop, bishop's miter, blunt end, bobby's helmet, bobstay, bombhead, bull point, bulp, butterfly flick, cafe curtains, cheese, cheese ridge, cheesy bell-end, cleat, cockhead, cockknuckle, command module, corona, corona glandis, coronal ridge, coronal sulcus, crown, curtains, Detane, docking, drapes, end, eye of the Bishop, the, flog the bishop, foreskin, fraenum (of the penis), frenulum, frenulum of the penis, frenulum preputii, frenum (of the penis), German helmet, glans, glans clitoridis, glans clitoris, glans penis, hard head, helmet, jap's eye, knot, mushroom tip, mushroom-rigged, mushroom-tipped, nearsighted, nob, one-eye(d), onion skin, pee-hole, pee-pee hole, penis glans, penis length, point, radish, red cap, Snaky-Lick Trick, Spanish fly, Tarzan chord, throb knob, tip, turnip, urethra

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