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deadlier of the species:

Women collectively; womankind; the female sex , after Rudyard Kipling's poem The Female of the Species : ' The female of the species is more deadly than the male .' This from the same man who said in The Betrothed : ' A woman is only a woman , but a good cigar is a smoke .'
Synonyms: better-sex ; contrary-sex ; deadlier of the species; devout-sex ; fair-sex ; fairer-sex ; gentle-sex ; gentler-sex ; softer-sex ; second-sex ; shrieker-sex ; sterner-sex ; unfair-sex ; weaker-sex ; weaker vessel.
See Also: better sex, contrary sex, deadlier of the species, dimorphism, Homo sapiens, sexual dimorphism, sterner sex, weaker vessel, the

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