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1. To copulate . Rarely heard. See copulation for synonyms.


(1) Joey Fingers (Bruce Willis) as a stand-up comedian in North (1994):
-- ' Do you smoke after you make love? '
-- ' I don't know . I never looked... But I'll tell you one thing , my smoke alarm never went off .'

(2) After paying $103.00 (in loose change) to see V's (Melanie Griffith) breasts in Milk Money (1994) one of the three boys offers cigarettes: ' After sex , you smoke. That's a rule .'

2. To fellate . See fellatio for synonyms.

3. To kill someone.

Quote: Angela (Salli Richardson) and Shame (Keenen Ivory Wayans) in A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994):
-- Angela: ' Shame, just promise me you'll smoke his ass .'
-- Shame: ' Like a motherfucking pack of Cools .'

See Also: abstinence rule, baloney, BBQ'N, benny house, capnocratia, capnogeria, capnolagnia, deadlier of the species, fag factory, flower house, get a little, rule of abstinence, smoke, tababido

Quotes Containing smoke:
Gilda Mundson (Rita Hayworth) and Uncle Pio (Steven Geray) in Gilda (1946): - Gilda: ''Got a light?'' - Pio:''Yes, Mrs. Mundson. It''s so crowded and yet so lonely, isn''t it?'' - Gilda: ''How did you know?'' - Pio:''You smoke too much. I noticed. Only frustrated people smoke too much and only lonely people are frustrated.''
William Parrish (Antony Hopkins) in Meet Joe Black (1998): ''Don''t blow smoke up my ass ; you''ll ruin my autopsy.''

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