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3 point shot:

Code word for female masturbation . See masturbation-female for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of the old in and out, aculeophallic, acupressure, anatomically correct, Antipodes, bias-free, big shit, big wheel, blue flame, burgershot, C-light, cheek bite, continental shot, contrapunctum, cummy face, cunt light, facial, full-bosomed, get a shot of leg, give a shot of leg, gynecologic spread, hot beaver shot, jizzer, look at the ceiling, love all to pieces, monster shot, moonstruck, needle, poon light, push-push, shoot, shooting gallery, shooting iron, shooting stick, snowstorm, softy, split beaver, spread shot, stovepipe, TLC, undy-grundy, waiting for wood, warheads, wide-open beaver, woodsman, work up

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