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Or: 4-1-1 , information on someone or, more rarely, something. ' What's the 411 on the long-legged, pretty one?''I've got the full 411 on ... ' means I know all about. 411, basic information on / the coordinates of is not synonymous with 101, the basics of, the introductory course to (a subject matter). Latin 101. Sex 101 .
See also: seven-digits .

Quote: Cher Hamilton's (Alicia Silverstone) about her Wendell Hall (Wallace Shawn) in Clueless (1995): ' Here's the 4-1-1 on Mr. Hall. He's single , he's forty-seven and he earns Mayan ducats at a thankless job . What that man needs is a good, healthy boink fest .'

See Also: 411

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