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Dated metaphor for the penis . British usage from the 17 th century possibly based on the sexual sense of stitching, meaning to copulate . The needle's point (of a compas) also referred, metaphorically, to the penis . See penis for synonyms.

QUOTE: From a poem by John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester (1647-1680): ' The seaman's needle nimbly points the pole / But thine still turns to ev'ry craving hole .'

See Also: aichmophobia, belomophobia, belonephilia, belonephobia, bug-fucker, butterfly board, Compass of the Netherland, fucker, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, needle, needle case, needle-book, needle-dick, Spanish gout, Spanish pip, Spanish pox, thread, thread the needle, viral hepatitis

Quotes Containing needle:
Sandy (Bette Midler) to a cop in Outrageous Fortune (1987): ''Does the phrase needle-dick , the bug-fucker , mean anything to you?''

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