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To cheat on one's lover with many partners; to have many extramarital-affairs. See affair for synonyms.
See Also: 3-Fs, 3P, acault, acute, Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur, amateur, arse about, ass about, ass around, Aut amat aut odit: nil est tertium, banns, bans, base trio, the, beach bunny, beach dyke, beat one's time, break in the balls, cake pimp, chance sandwich, cherry-merry, chronological age, club sandwich, cluster-fuck, constrictions, corespondent, design for living, desperation number, devitalized relationship, dick around, double peptide, double-entry, eternal triangle, first-timer, flesh sandwich, foursome, fresh bit, fuck away, gang sex, ginny woman, glad rags, gluteus, group sex, ilium, jive and juke, long lie, man about town, menage a trois, moresome, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, netizen, nowhere cat, on the razzle, Oreo cookie, Page Three Girl, Peter, Paul, and Mary, pissing for shits and giggles, polygamy, ring around the rosey, rowing the boat, séance à trois, sandwich, sausage sandwich, significant other, smockface, stepping out, tachyorthosis, tail around, tanpon it long, tempasthenic, tertiary syphilis, tertium quid, third base, third gender, third set, third sex, three B's, three decker, three high, Three P, three wheeler, three-dollar bill, three-finger fuck around, three-hole activities, three-in-a-bed, three-layer cake, three-way, three-way split, three-way swing, threesies, threesome, time buying, timesqueer, tip out, to be late, triangle, triolism, triple header, triple penetration, triple shag, trisexual, troilism, troilist, Trois, Les, trysexual, twenty-four seven, up for it, worrywort, wrecktangle, X2K

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