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1. Or: cheat on , to be sexually unfaithful to one's spouse or regular partner . See affair for synonyms.

2. A cheat , a person who has sex with someone other that his/her spouse or usual partner .

See Also: bitched, buggered, and bewildered, bite, burn, charity girl, cheat, cheating, chippy on, clip, diddle, dirty weekend, do over, dogging, double cross, double up on, double-clock, easy mark, flag, frig, fuck around, fuck someone over, fuck someone up, georgiaed, get fucked, Ginger, ginger girl, give up rhythm, infidelity, prig, prigging, rip off, screwed, blued, and tattooed, scrog, slap and tickle, three-time, tomcat, trick-out, two-time, two-timer, two-timing, work a ginger

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