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1. Or: catty-cat / kitty-cat , slang term for the female genitals , a French borrowing for cat . See vagina for synonyms.

2. On the Internet, to exchange views, to converse electronically.

See Also: 1-2-1, anthropophagy, chat down, chat up, chew the fat, cornputer sex, cybersex, IM, kitty, kitty-cat, make

Quotes Containing chat:
Prymaat Conehead (Jane Curtin) having a chit-chat about Men!! with her neighbor in Coneheads (1993): - Neighbor: 'All men are pigs!' - Prymaat: 'Ah, pigs: an omnivorous, domesticated, cloven hoof vertibrate that defecates the same place it consumes.' - Neighbor: 'Exactly.'

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