Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. Cheating on one's spouse or lover . See affair for synonyms.

2. Maintaining two relationships simultaneously with neither party knowing about the other.

3. To cheat or doublecross.

See Also: 24/7/365, 50:50, acault, Accu-Jac, acute, adrenal glands, Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur, amateur, arse about, ass about, ass around, bagger double entry, Batman and Robin, beach bunny, beach dyke, beat one's time, better sex, bikini, bipara, bivirist, Boston marriage, break in the balls, buddy booths, cake pimp, cap and blow, Cash Flagg, cat-fight, cherry-merry, Christ and two apostles, chronological age, cow-climbing, crus of the clitoris, De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum, desperation number, deuterition, devitalized relationship, devout sex, dick around, dimorphism, do the two-backed beast, docking, double, double dong, double dude, double feature, double fire, double payment, dual dildo, ecstasy intoxication, Engirix B, fair sex, fairer sex, fifty-fifty, first-timer, fresh bit, fuck away, g-g, gentle sex, gentler sex, ginny woman, have a little death, hit it off, in-sisters, infidelity, jive and juke, les-be-friends, long lie, love seat, man about town, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, netizen, nowhere cat, on the razzle, panel worker, permanent mascara, pillow fucker, pissing for shits and giggles, play a return engagement, polygamy, riding the bitch's seat, rose between two thorns, rowing the boat, second oldest profession, sex-linked, sexual dimorphism, sexual relations, shrieker sex, significant other, sloppy seconds, smockface, Snaky-Lick Trick, softer sex, spoon fashion, stepping out, sterner sex, tachyorthosis, taffy-pulling contest, tail around, take out insurance, tanpon it long, tempasthenic, three-finger fuck around, time buying, timesqueer, tip out, to be late, trap two, triangle, trisexual, trysexual, twenty-four seven, twofer, twosies, unfair sex, up for it, weaker sex, white meat turkey on pumpernickel, worrywort, X2K

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