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have sex with:

To have sexual-intercourse with (someone). See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: 4-F-er, a bit of rumpy-bumpy, a bit of rumpy-pumpy, a bit on the side, abnormal forms, acanthophallic, acomoclitic, acomovulvate, acrorthosis, acrotomophile, acucullophallic, aculeophallic, aged, agoraphilia, alley queen, amaurophilia, ambisexuality, anal impotence, anorchid, asexual, baby-faced, backed up, balls like a scoutmaster, behavioral transsexualism, better sex, bimboid, bit of rumpy-bumpy, bit of rumpy-pumpy, bit of skirt, bit on the side, blah-faced, bone addict, bottle-ass, bringing oneself off, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, bromidrophobia, bromidrosiphobia, buddy booths, bumping pussy, bunch-punch, bushie mall, callibombe, callicnemic, callicolpos, callicunnate, callifemoral, callimammapygian, callimastian, calliphallic, calliphygian, callipomate, callipygette, callipygian, callisphyrous, callisural, callitrichous, callomania, carry a bundle, caught in flagrante, cheating, cheesing, chippy around, cock-happy, cock-tease, cocktease, contrary sex, copping, cottager, couch audition, courtesan fantasy, cow-cunted, cucumber queen, cum dodger, cunnilinguate, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, deadlier of the species, deformity fetishism, devout sex, doggies, dogging, doing the thang, double fire, double payment, enjoy favors, enosiophobia, entertaining royalty, epicenism, es-ay, fair sex, fairer sex, fat-ass, fellate, flat-chested, free loving, fresh meat, gentle sex, get into, get one's oil changed, get some round eye, get together principle, the, get your end away, getting a bit on the side, getting bent, getting laid, getting off, getting your leg-over, girlish, gong girl, grinder, have a lot of what s/he's got, have it in a big way, have it in large gobs, have it in large helpings, have plenty of snap in her garter, have plenty of this and that, have plenty of what s/he's got, having a bit, having a technicolor laugh, having a technicolor yawn, having a technicolor yodel, having sex, hint of lavender, hint of mint, hyperphilia, hypersexual, hypophilia, infected, inunctionism, it and more, it and that, It-ness, ithyphallophobia, jacked up, kidding around, lard ass, leggy, likes it wet, limp-wristed, love cracked, make whoopee, making whoopee, makings, the, marathon, mmph, moll about in the head, myeh, nancy boy, non-kinky sex, nyeh, off-color, old stuff, the, on the razzle, open marriage, other woman, the, pachyhymenia, peep show, piquant, pitching a tent in one's shorts, playing around, plurisexual, polygamy, proposish, prurient, riding in another mans saddle, rumpy-bumpy, rumpy-pumpy, scrotal, second sex, sex it up, sex something up, sex stuff, sex voltage, sexaholic, sexaholism, sexed, sexobatics, sextacy, sextraction, sextractive, shrieker sex, sin fest, sis, softer sex, sterner sex, stone butch, streamlined, studly, teated, temuvalent, teretophallic, that certain something, thata, this and that, thisa and thata, transexion, transsex procedures, tripsolagnia, troilist, tumble a fruit, twosies, Ugandan affairs, Ugandan discussions, village bicycle, village bike, virile, weak sister, weaker sex, weaker vessel, the, zoo number, zoolinction

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