Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. Of or having procreative power; capable of performing sexually as a male; potent.

2. Of or characteristic of a man ; having or showing masculine spirit, vigor or strength.

3 Of a man as distinct from a woman or child.

See Also: all man, appropriate member, buck, butch, butch number, butch-queen, cave man, chesty, crew-cut queen, full of fuck, full of gism, hairy-chested, he-blodded, he-male, he-man, he-mannified, he-mannish, hemale, hesexual, hunky, jock hole, macho-fem, mansculine, mantee walk, masturbate, membrum virile erectum, mensch, no spring flower, organum virile durum, organum virile erectum, past his prime, RM, roarer, two-fisted, warm member

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