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visit from my sister:

To be visited by the monthly menstrual flow. See menstruation for synonyms.
See Also: adelphepothia, aunt Flo's here, boneyard visit, Browning sister, bub and sis, Disneyland daddy, Freya, go down the line, grandmother has come to stay, kid sister, little friend, little sister, menstruation, my little friend is here, my little sister is here, my little visitor is here, my relations have come, red-haired visitor, sin-twister, sis, siss, sissies, sistie, skin and blister, sobbyist, soror, sororal, stringer, tea dance, tour time, visit from (Aunt) Flo, visit from my sister, visit Miss Murphy, visit Mrs. Jones, visit the Widow Jones, visiting Merry Palmer, warme schwester

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