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virgin membrane:

A thin membrane stretched partly or completely across the vagina . See hymen for synonyms.
See Also: Ackerman breast types, Ackerman Types, acrosome, Are you keeping it for the worms?, battered, blaze the trail, blazer, blennorrhea, blown safe, break a crust, break her leg above the knee, broach claret, brown cherry, cherry girl, cherry harvest, cherrypop, chicken butcher, coitus virgineus, crack a crib, crack a crust, crack a Jane, crack the teapot, cracked mortar, cut the cake, deflorate, deflower, deflowered, delicate tissue, despoil, dock at harbor, first-timer, give one a past, have one's cherry, hymen, hymenal ring, inexperienced, innocent girl, lost her cherry, maiden ring, make damaged goods, parthenophobia, pick a lock, pick the lock, pluck a cherry, pluck the bean, pop the puss, prune, punch a hole, Roman engagement, ruin the rug, split a sheet, split the cup, take away the prime beauty of, tried, trim and buff, Turkish delight, undamaged goods, undeflowered, unvirgin, virgin membrane, virginal membrane, virginhead, Virginia, virgo intacta, vurgin, wreck a maidenhead

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