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1. The penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. Said of/by men, to copulate and/or ejaculate. This British usage dates back to the 18 th century. See ejaculation for synonyms.

See Also: arse grease, bad-ass mf, barbecue, Captain Hogseye, chicken three way, chicken-on-a-spit, do the grand tour, doll spit, dolly spit, exchanging loads, foaming at the mouth, grand tour, kissonyms, lucky Pierre, making a banana split, meat of the sandwich, ready to spit, snowball, spit swapping, spit-fuck, swapping spit, tongue bath, trip around the world, vomit, White Russian

Quotes Containing spit:
Jack Noah (Richard Dreyfuss), as dictator Alphonso Simms, to Madonna Mendez (Sonia Braga) in Moon Over Parador (1988): ''I want to kiss you so bad I could spit .''
Andrew (Tony Britton) to Robert (Peter Sellers) in There's a Girl in my Soup (1970): 'You treat your sex-life like a continuous wine tasting: rool them around and spit them out .'
Larry Wilson (William Powell) and his wife Kay (Myrna Loy) in I Love You Again (1940): - Larry: 'You be careful, madam , or you'll turn my head with your flattery.' - Kay:'I often wished I could turn your head ... on a spit over a slow fire.'

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