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Dated term from the 19 th century:

1. To copulate . See copulation for synonyms.

2. To ejaculate. See ejaculation for synonyms.

3. Or: chuck-up / upchuck / chunk , to vomit . See vomit for synonyms.

See Also: biscuits, chuck, chuck the muck, chuck up, chunk, old one-eye, vomit

Quotes Containing chuck:
Chuck (John Kapelos), the flirtatious owner of All Things Dead, and Roxanne Kowalski (Daryl Hannah) in Roxanne (1987): - Chuck:'Hi. Remember me?' - Roxanne:'I'm trying to put it behind me.'
'It looks like Chuck's taken the old-one-eye to the optometrist.' Grandpa Gustafson (Burgess Meredith) spying Chuck (Ossie Davis), with flowers and champagne , going to Ariel's (Ann-Margret) house in Grumpy Old Men (1993)

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