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Or: crack-run , dated gay expression of the late 1960s meaning to masturbate the penis between and over the buttocks of the partner .
Synonyms: ski-up-and-down-Happy-Valley ; skinny rubbing.
See Also: alley apple, ass crack, backeye slice, backeye slit, bag bride, broad smile, brownsward, bullwhip, bum cleavage, butt-crack, buttocks cleavage, calk, caulk, chink, cleavage, cleft, crack, crack a pitcher, crack a teacup, crack Judy's teacup, crack run, crack salesman, crack the pipkin, crack the pitcher, cracked pipkin, cracked pitcher, cracking, cracking tool, crackish, crease, crepitate, crevice, female gimcrack, floozy, foul line, gimcrack, happy valley, horny, hungry arse, jimcrack, lilies of the valley, lip, pitcher, reverse cleavage, riders, rock whore, skeezer, ski up and down Happy Valley, Skinny rubbing, split, strawberry, tongue the tan track, tonguing the tan track, valley, vertical grin, wedge, Yasser, Yasser Crackafat

Quotes Containing cracking:
''Tom, there''s a whole lot I don''t understand, but going away ain''t going to ease us. There was a time, when we were on the land, there was a boundary to us then. Old folks died off and little fellahs came. We was always one thing . We was the family . Kind of whole and clear. But now we ain''t clear no more. There ain''t nothing that keeps us clear. (...) We''re cracking up , Tom. There ain''t no family now.'' Ma Joad (Jane Darwell) to her son Tom (Henry Fonda) in The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

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