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The female genitals . One of many food terms associated with the female breasts and genitals ; this one dates back to Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400) and the The Canterbury Tales when has the Wife of Bath say: '...we wives are called barley bread .' See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of crumpet, bachelor's fare, bread, candidiasis, crumpet, Mister Wiggly, moniliasis, sandwich, vaginal yeast infection, yeast infection

Quotes Containing bread:
From Bulletproof (1997): Adam Sandler and Charlie , a hotel clerk: - Adam : ''What do you think? Me, you, the old lady? A little sandwich action.'' - Clerk: ''What do you mean?'' - Adam : ''Come on . You''re a piece of white bread , she''s a piece of white bread , I''m the salami ; let''s give it a shot.''
Rick Jarman (Mel Gibson) to Muffy (Goldie Hawn) in Bird on a Wire (1990): ''Mister Wiggly''s been on bread and water for five long years.''

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