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breath control:

Sexual arousal from the control or restriction of oxygen to the brain through strangulation (compressing the carotid arteries to prevent oxygenated blood from reaching the brain), suffocation (reducing the oxygen available to breathe), hanging (suspending the body by the neck). CAUTION: a) All of these activities are extremely dangerous. b) Judicial hanging is intended to break the spine, not cause death by suffocation.
See also: asphyxiaphilia ; autoerotic asphixia(tion); erotic-self-strangulation ; autoerotic srangulation; scarfing ; strangulation-fetish ; sexual-asphyxia ; hypoxyphilia .
See Also: aconuresis, asphyxiaphilia, B.C., bed breath, birth-rate control, breather, carezza, cocksucker's breath, cometosis, control scene, controlling part, corsetting, cum breath, cum sponge, dick breath, French methods, halitosis, karezza, power exchange, scum dump, spuzz receptacle, state prostitution, topping from the bottom, wad sop

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