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1. To restrict movement or to tie-up, wrap or secure, as with string, lace or rope, specific parts of the body such as the genitals , feet, face , breasts, or the entire body, as in mummification, although in the later a person submits totally to their partner whereas in binding one only relinquishes control of a certain area, usually the genitals or breasts. The breasts are usually completely or partially bound (with the nipples exposed) with soft rope, scarves, Saran Wrap, Ace bandages, or soft leather stripS; the face uses the same materials as the breasts with the addition of latex masks; the penis is usually wrapped with soft string; the arms, wrists and feet are bound with rougher, heavier materials.
See also: bondage ; bondage-and-discipline .

2. In crossdressing and male impersonation, the act of flattening the breasts to conceal them.

See Also: ABP, affaire d'honneur, ankle restraint, armbinders, BFP, binding, blindfold, bondage device, breast bondage, breast torture, captive, chain, cock and ball torture, cock block, Conan, cross, crotch rope, docile, knot, merinthophobia, munch, tie that binds, the, tit bondage, tit discipline, tit torture, titty bondage, titty discipline, titty torture, vincilagnia

Quotes Containing binding:
'With a binding like you've got, people are going to want to know what's in the book.' Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) to Lise Bouvier (Leslie Caron) in An American in Paris (1951)

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