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1. In bondage and sadomasochism, to bind the eyes of a submissive rendering that person temporarily blind . Losing the sense of sight makes the bottom feel vulnerable and helpless; it is very effective in abrasion and surface play.

2. Any device used to cover the eyes so as to render a person temporarily blind . These include purpose-made blindfolds for sleeping, leather or rubber blindfolds sold in perve shops, hoods with no eyeholes or with flap eyeholes, improvised blindfolds such as scarves, hankies, long socks, Ace bandages. CAUTION: a) Remove contact lenses prior to being blindfolded. b) Caution should be exercised when removing the blindfold because a mild mental disorientation occurs after an extended period of blindness.

See Also: abduction (play), abrasion, amaurophilia, blindfold, blindfolding, bondage and torture, switch club, vertigo

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