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1. To masturbate . See masturbation-male for synonyms.

2. Insulting term for a foolish or despicable person. ' You jerk! '
-- ' Blankety-blank ham-strung hunk of jerky beef ' From Texas (1941)
-- ' Joe the Jerk ' From the movie Roxie Hart (1942)
-- ' Jerk-o ' From Stalag 17 (1953)
-- ' Gold-bricking jerk ' From Onion Head (1958)
-- ' Slobby, fat-ass , red-eyed jerk ' From There's a Girl in my Soup (1970)
-- ' Knee-jerk liberal ' From Speechless (1994)
-- ' Jerk face ' From Hocus Pocus (1993)
-- ' Jerk-off ' From The Last Boyscout (1991) and The Big Red One (1980)
-- ' Jerk wad ' From Kicking and Screaming (1995)
-- ' Jerky ' From The Jerky Boys (1994).

See Also: butthead, dick wad, diddle, gherkin-jerking, give someone a melvin, goob, herkin' the gherkin, iron, J.O., jelly, jelly juice, jerk, jerk juice, jerk off, jerk yourself a soda, jerker, jerking iron, joy juice, love juice, lovey-dovey, man juice, masturbation-male, masturbator, masturbatory orgy, melvin, mushy, mutton, off, pod juice, prick-juice, sewing circle, slushy, smitten, smitten with, smut, spermatic juice, tail juice, titless wonder, wedgy

Quotes Containing jerk:
Charlie McCarthy (voice Edgar Bergen) and the soda jerk in Look Who''s Laughing (1941): - Soda jerk : ''Gee, you''re really smitten , aren''t you, Charlie?'' - Charlie : ''Yeah! The trouble with me is when I''m smitten I stay smut .''
Virginia Hill (Annette Bening) to Ben Siegel (Warren Beatty) in Bugsy (1991): 'Why don't you run outside and jerk-yourself-a-soda .'
Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin) as a carny in The Jerk (1979): 'For one dollar, I'll guess your weight, your height or your sex .'

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