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In swinging , one couple pairing up with another couple for an exchange of mates or spouses.
See Also: actual intercourse rate, ambibiosis, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, bach night, bachelor night, bill-and-cooers, buddy booths, closed door, closed swinging, cluster marriage, cohabitation, coithesis, come together, coming together, common-law marriage, consensual non-monogamy, couple, couple friend, couple-to-couple, coupler, cpl, Daughters of Bilitis, diasteunia, DINKS, dip the wick, dog-knotted, dog-locked, doggies, double act, double date, gavabos, hit skins, infertility, Jack and Jill, janney, lovers lane, married but not churched, newly-weds, palimony, playmates, POSSLQ, pull a train, pulling the train, sensate focus exercises, singles, spoon fashion, surrogate mother, swinging, switch club, synchronized love, three-dimensional romance, tunnel of love, twosome, wet one's wick, wick, wife-swapping

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