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1. Either of the two rounded musculatures that constitute the human posterior ; one side of the buttocks . Each buttock has three muscles; the most important is the gluteus-maximus which extends, abducts, and rotates the thigh.
Synonyms: ass cheek ; cheek .
See also: buttocks .

2. In 17 th century England, a prostitute .

See Also: 39, abnormal presentation, achers, after parts, afters, ampersand, arse, ass crack, ass man, assaroonie, asshole bandit, assume the position, B & B, B & T, back parlor, back parts, backeye slice, backeye slit, backs, bakery goods, bamsey, beads, beauns, beautocks, beauts, bees and bees, behind, bim, biscuits, biting daddy, blind cheeks, bohunkus, bombosities, bonbons, boots and shoes fetish, booty, bot, botty, brap, broad smile, brownsward, btm, bum, bum cleavage, bum-brusher, bun-bun, bun-pressers, bung upwards, buns, bunt, bustle pinching, butt sniper, butt-crack, buttock, buttock jig, buttocking ken, buttocking shop, buttocks, buttocks cleavage, cakes, callimammapygian, calliphygian, callipygian, callipygus, cane, catapygon, cheek, cheek bite, cheeker, cheeks, Cheeks of Cunnyborough, chips, Chueh-Chen, clappers, cleavage, cleft, clunes, clunicentric, coit, cop a feel, crack, crack run, cracking, crease, crevice, croupade, cupcakes, cushion, dasypygal, dokus, double juggs, doxy, drive it up to Hilltop Drive, drive up to Hilltop Drive, drop, duster, Dutch dumplings, eat with the hands, English muffins, fat-ass, feel up, fesses, fife and drum, flanks, flesh-cushions, foul line, frottering bastard, fundamental features, gatees, gaucho, give someone a grope, gluteal convexities, gluteal domes, gluteal hemispheres, gluteal sitting convexities, gluteal sitting domes, gluteal sitting hemispheres, gluteal spheroids, gluteal spherosities, glutes, gluteus, gluteus maximus, glutolatry, glutomania, glutophilia, grope, guy cramps, ham, hamhocks, hams, hang a b.a., happy valley, haunch, haunches, hernandies, hill-locks, Hilltop Drive, hindquarters, hip-swishy, honey rolls, honk, honkies, hot cross buns, Hugh Jass, hunkers, hunkies, itch mite, itcher, jamblocks, jig, jutland, kab edis, lard ass, lilies of the valley, loaves, love buns, low countries, mooning, moons, mudflaps, nachas, naka-nake, nates, ninan, okole-mas, paddies, pads, parts behind, patellas, patties, posterior, posteriors, prats, pratts, pressed ham, promontories, pyggies, pygies, read Braille, reverse cleavage, ride the deck, rolls, roscas, rosey, rounders, royal buns, rumpal mounds, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), scabies mite, seats of honor, seats of shame, set of cakes, set of pears, sit-upon(s), sitters, sitting parts, sizzlers, ski up and down Happy Valley, Skinny rubbing, smallers, snap it, spank, spare tire, split, steatopygia, sugar cookies, Sunday face, take somebody's pulse, taquitos, thirty-nine, tochies, tocks, Tom Thumb, tooshies, toucherism, toucheurism, tribadance, tushies, twin hills, two ferrets fighting in a sack, valley, vertical grin, warm bottom, wedgy, wink somebody down, yeastful buns a plenty, yesteryears

Quotes Containing buttock:
William Shakespeare. All's Well That Ends Well (1604): 'It is like a barber's-chair , that fits all buttocks-the pin-buttock, the quatch-buttock, the brawn-buttock, or any buttock .'

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