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1. Casual term for the penis , based on the German word for sausage . Also spelled: weener ; weeney; weiner ; weeny. See penis for synonyms.

QUOTE: Lola (Sean Young) failing to get a rise out of Ned (Armand Assante) in Fatal Instinct (1993):
-- Lola Caine: ' Well, if I can't buy you a drink how about one of those? '
-- Ned Ravine: ' Who can say no to a wiener .'
-- Lola Caine: ' Not me .' He still doesn't get it , the chump!

2. Derogatory epithet for an ineffectual person.

QUOTE: Topper Harley ( Charlie Sheen ) about Dexter Hayman in Hot Sshots! Part Deux (1993): ' He really was a wiener .'

See Also: fast food sex, wallop the sausage, weiner, wiener

Quotes Containing wiener:
Lola Cain (Sean Young) treating Ned Ravine (Armand Assante) to a hot hot-dog after failing to arouse his interest with everything else in Fatal Instinct (1993). - Lola: 'Well, if I can't buy you a drink how about one of those?' - Ned: 'Who can say no to a wiener .' - Lola: 'Not me.'

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