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Shakespearean pun for the vagina , based on pronouncing the first syllable CUNT instead of CONS, as in cunt-ste-bill. This pun is still widely recognized today. The euphemistic version was thingstable in which the offensive first syllable CUNT was replaced by THING, another euphemism for the word vagina . See vagina for synonyms.

Quote: William Shakespeare. Alls Well That Ends Well (1602):
-- Countess: ' Have you, I say, an answer of such fitness for all questions? '
-- Clown: ' From beneath your duke to beneath your constable, it will fit any question .'
-- Countess: ' It must be an answer of most monstrous size that must fit all demands .'

See Also: bobby's helmet, constable, laced mutton, mutton, thingstable

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