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A man who likes women and has many casual and usually short love-affairs with them.

See philanderer [SYN] for synonyms.


(1) Dale Tremont (Ginger Rogers) and Madge Hardwicke (Helen Broderick) in Top Hat (1935):-- Dale: ' Have you any objections if I scare your husband so that he'll never look at another woman? '-- Madge ' Dale, no husband is ever that scared .'

(2) Anna ( Greta Garbo ) to Dolly (Phoebe Foster) about her philandering husband in Anna Karenina (1935): ' You know , Dolly, men like Steva aren't really conscious of deception at all. They put their wives and homes in one compartment and these other women into another .'

(3) Knobby (Larry Mintz), the barman, to Bernice (Whoopi Goldberg) about a womanizer who frequented his bar in Burglar (1987): ' The guy had-more-ass-than-a-toilet-seat .'

(4) Peter's (Tom Selleck) opinion of Jack (Ted Danson) in 3 Men and a Baby (1987): 'The man is one giant gland .'

(5) Barmaid Sal (Lynnie Godfrey) to her friend V.I. Warshawski (Kathleen Turner) who has Murray troubles in V.I. Warshawski (1991): 'The man is a slut . We know this. Have libido , will travel .'

(6) Ian (Joe Mantegna) and Chazz (Brendan Fraser) watching Pip (Adam Sandler) with Suzzy (Nina Siemaszko) in Airheads (1994):-- Ian: ' How does he do that? '-- Chazz: ' Pip? The man gets his hands on more bumpers than a body-shop .'-- Ian: ' With that I-seem-so-stupid-I-must-be-cute routine? '-- Chazz: ' That's the quiet cool . Chics, man , they just lock on it .'

(7) Barbara Mintz (Sheena Larkin) to Helen Hyde (Sean Young) about her philandering husband Oliver Mintz (Stephen Tobolowsky) in Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995): ' Don't flatter yourself. I have to watch him around the family dog .'

(8) Carmen Navarro (Carmen Miranda) and her fiance Lionel Deveraux (Groucho Marx) in Copacabana (1947):-- Carmen: ' Why are you always chasing women? '-- Lionel: ' I'll tell you as soon as I catch one .'

(9) John Boys (James LeGros) to his promiscuous girlfriend Jessica (Lisa Zane) in Floundering (1994): ' Sex is like a handshake to you .'

(10) Andrew (Tony Britton) to Robert (Peter Sellers) in There's a Girl in my Soup (1970): ' You treat your sex-life like a continuous wine tasting: rool them around and spit them out .'

(11) (2) Barmaid Sal (Lynnie Godfrey) to her friend V.I. Warshawski (Kathleen Turner) who has Murray troubles in V.I. Warshawski (1991): 'The man is a slut . We know this. Have libido , will travel .'

(12) Dick Pepper (Gig Young) explaining to his friend Augie Pool (Richard Widmark) the vicious-circle of guilt of the philandering husband in The Tunnel of Love (1958):-- Dick: ' Every time it's over I have a terrific sense of guilt .'-- Augie: ' Oh, but you wait until it's over, hum? '-- Dick: ' Sure. I feel I deserve this guilt. When I don't have it I'm uncomfortable so I try to recapture the guilt by chasing around .'-- Augie: ' So why do you keep chasing around then if it's that much trouble? '-- Dick: ' I've got to get back to that feeling of guilt. (...) I have to suffer for chasing around .'

Synonyms: 4-F-er, alley-cat, alligator, amorist, ass-hound, ass-man, ballocker, basher, beard-splitter, beaver-retriever, bed-presser, belly-bumper, belly-buster, big-dame-hunter, bird-bandit, bird's-nester, Bluebeard, bone-addict, bopper, boulevardier, broad-jumper, buck-fitch, bull, bum-fiddler, bum-tickler, bust-maker, buttonhole-worker, button-loose, campus-butcher, carnalite, Casanova (casanova), cavaulter, chaser, chauverer, chauvering-cove, chick-chaser, chicken-fancier, chimney-sweep, chippy-chaser, cock-artist, cock hound (cockhound), cocksman, cocksmith, coisman, Corinthian (corinthian), crack-hunter, cranny-hunter, cunt-struck, diddler, Don-Juan, eager-beaver, fast-worker, femme-follower, figure-maker, fish-monger, fleece-hunter, flesh-fly, flesh-monger, flower-fancier, forbidden-fruit-eater, fox-hunter, frogging cully (dirty old man), fuckaholic, fucks-anything-on-two-legs, fucks-anything-with-a-hole-in-it, fuckster, fucks-trucks, funk-freak, gamecock, gap-stopper, gash-hound, gay-deceiver, girl-chaser, glutton, goat, goer, grouser, gully-raker, had-more-ass-than-a-toilet-seat, hair-monger, head-hunter, heartbreaker, high-priest-of-Paphos, hit-and-run-guy, hit-and-runner, holer, horndog, horseman, hot-pants, hound-dog, it-chaser, john-among-the-maids, jumbler, king-of-clubs, knave-of-hearts, knocker, ladies'-man, ladies'-tailor, lady's-man, lady-chaser, lady-killer, leather-stretcher, lech, leg-lifter, letch, libertine, Lothario, lounge-beetle, lounge-lizard, love-pirate, lover, lusty-guts, make-out-artist, maker, man-of-affairs, masher, mashie, meat-hound, meat-monger, moll-hunter, Mr.-Horner, mucky-duck, mucky-pup, mutton-monger, muttoner, old-goat, parish-bull, parish-stallion, parlour-snake, perv, philanderer, pick-up-artist, picker-upper, pinch-bottom, pinch-buttock, pinch-cunt, playboy, player-arounder, poon-hound, poopster, predator, prigger, quail-hunter, quim-sticker, rake, ranger, (a) real Casanova, ribald (gent), rider, Romeo, rooster, rounder, rump-splitter, rutter, scorekeeper, seducer, sex-addict, sexaholic, sexperiencer, sexperimenter, shag-artist, skin-dog, skirt-chaser, sleaze, smell-smock, smockster, smooth-operator, smoothie, Solomon, son-of-Venus, sperminator, sportsman, stallion, stickman, stud, studhammer, sugar-chaser, swinger, swordsman, tomcat, town-bull, town-Johnny, town-rake, traveling-salesman, tug-mutton, tummy-tickler, tweak, two-mama-papa, warm-member, wencher, whisker-splitter, whorella (gay), winker, wolf, woman-chaser, womanizer, yentzer, young-blade, young buc

See Also: 4-F-er, alley cat, alligator, amorist, ass hound, ass man, ballocker, basher, beard-splitter, beaver-retriever, bed hopper, bed-presser, belly-bumper, belly-buster, big dame hunter, bird bandit, bird's nester, birds-nester, Bluebeard, boffer, bone addict, bopper, boulevardier, broad-jumper, buck fitch, bum fiddler, bum tickler, bust-maker, button-loose, buttonhole worker, campus butcher, carnalite, cavaulter, chauverer, chauvering-cove, chick-chaser, chicken-fancier, chimney sweep, chippy-chaser, cock hound, cock-artist, cockhound, cocksman, cocksmith, coisman, Corinthian, crack hunter, cranny hunter, cunt-struck, diddler, eager beaver, fast worker, femme follower, figure-maker, fish-monger, fleece hunter, flesh fly, flesh-monger, flower fancier, forbidden fruit eater, fox hunter, frogging cully, fuckaholic, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, fucks trucks, fuckster, funk freak, gamecock, gap-stopper, gash hound, gay deceiver, girl-chaser, glutton, goat, goer, grouser, gully-raker, had more ass than a toilet seat, hair monger, head hunter, heartbreaker, high priest of Paphos, hit and run guy, hit-and-runner, holer, horn-dog, horseman, hot pants, hound dog, it-chaser, john among the maids, jumbler, king of clubs, knave of hearts, knocker, ladies' tailor, lady-chaser, lady-killer, leather stretcher, lech, lecher, leg-lifter, letch, libertine, Lothario, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, lusty-guts, make-out artist, maker, man of affairs, masher, mashie, meat hound, meat-monger, moll hunter, Mr. Horner, mucky duck, mucky pup, mutton-monger, muttoner, old goat, parish bull, parish stallion, parlour snake, pick-up artist, picker-upper, pinch-bottom, pinch-buttock, pinch-cunt, playboy, player-arounded, poon hound, poopster, predator, prigger, quail hunter, quim-sticker, rake, ranger, ribald gent, rider, rooster, rounder, rump-splitter, rutter, scorekeeper, seducer, sexperiencer, sexperimenter, shag artist, skin dog, skirt-chaser, smell-smock, smockster, smooth operator, smoothie, Solomon, son of Venus, sperminator, sportsman, stickman, studhammer, sugar-chaser, swordsman, tomcat, town bull, town Johnny, town rake, traveling salesman, tug-mutton, tummy-tickler, tweak, two-mama papa, warm member, wencher, whisker splitter, whorella, wolf, woman-chaser, womanizer, yentzer, young blade, young buck

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