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A casual term for female breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.

Quote: Chazz (Brendan Fraser) about Pip (Adam Sandler) in Airheads (1994): ' The man gets his hands on more bumpers than a body-shop .'

See Also: Bumper Kiss, bumper-to-bumper, bumpers, camper, clam jousting, clit fight, coital position, coital posture, daddle, dinky dyke, doughnut to doughnut, exotic dancer, flat fuck, intercourse position, lawnmower, lesbian love, lesbian sex, lovemaking position, rub bellies, sapphism, sex position, sexual position, slinger, stripper, strippo, stripster, striptease artist, stripteaser, tail dating, torso-tosser, tribadism, uncover girl, vagina-to-vagina, Venus observa feminae, Virginity Is Curable, weaver

Quotes Containing bumpers:
Ian (Joe Mantegna) and Chazz (Brendan Fraser) watching Pip (Adam Sandler) with Suzzy (Nina Siemaszko) in Airheads (1994): - Ian: ''How does he do that?'' - Chazz: ''Pip? The man gets his hands on more bumpers than a body-shop .'' - Ian: ''With that I-seem-so-stupid-I-must-be-cute routine?'' - Chazz: ''That''s the quiet cool . Chics, man , they just lock on it .''

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