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1. Rubbing vulvas together while in a face-to-face position .

2. The sexual-position assumed by two women engaging in this activity. Mostly US lesbian usage.
Synonyms: bumper to bumper ; clit-fight ; doughnut-to-doughnut ; flat-fuck ; lesbian-love ; lesbian-sex ; sapphism ; tribadism ; tribady ; tribology ; vagina-to-vagina ; venus observa feminae.

3. Occasionally refers to gay men or heterosexual couples engaged in sexual-intercourse face to face .

See Also: Bumper Kiss, bumper-to-bumper, bumpers, clam jousting, clit fight, coital position, coital posture, daddle, doughnut to doughnut, flat fuck, intercourse position, lawnmower, lesbian love, lesbian sex, lovemaking position, rub bellies, sapphism, sex position, sexual position, tail dating, tribadism, vagina-to-vagina, Venus observa feminae, Virginity Is Curable

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