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eager beaver:

1. A person who is industrious or zealous, or excessively one or the other. May be derogatory in the sense of one who tries to impress the teachers with his/her diligence.

2. A lecherous or promiscuous man . See philanderer for synonyms.

3. Or: eager beavers , on Internet voyeur sites, candid beaver-shots (pictures of the female genitals).
See also: beaver ; beaver-shot ; burgershot ; split-beaver ; spread-beaver ; spread-shot ; spreader ; wide-open-beaver .

See Also: beaver patrol, beaver posse, beaver shooter, beaver shot, burgershot, eager beaver, gynecologic spread, hot beaver shot, hot in the ass, hot in the biscuit, hot to trot, shot of beaver, a, split beaver, split-beaver shot, spread beaver, spread shot, spreader, wide-open beaver, wired up, zipper morals

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