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skin dog:

Derogatory name, now obsolete, for a womanizer . See philanderer for synonyms.
See Also: abrasion, acarophobia, albedosynia, anal fissure, anal fistula, bare-skin, bare-skinned, bareback, brand, bridle string, canine interest(s), cicatrization, cockring, cynophilia, cynophobia, dermacentric, dermagraphism, dermaphilia, dermatitis, dermatology, dermatopathophobia, dermatophobia, dermatosiophobia, dermophiliac, diseases, do a dogs rig, dog clutch, dog fashion, dog style, dog ways, dog-knotted, dog-locked, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, doggy-do, doraphilia, eroductions, fistula in ano, foreskin, Fuck a duck!, hide, honey dip, horse-fuck, hum a tune (on the flute), in the skin, itch mite, kynophobia, lambskin condom, Lassie fashion, making a dogs match of it, mammalian position, more canino, natural condom, penis captivus, play the flute, poodle, prepuce, puppy love, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), scabies mite, scarring, skin diving, skin mag, skin magazine, skinned, skinned-back, skins, syphilitic acne, tape, tuck, zoo number

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